Clothes Matters

When I was in my early teens, I had a job at a jewellery store. Every time my pay came through, I was off to the shopping centre to buy another dress. Or top.. or shoes.. or bag……. I was obsessed with the idea that I couldn’t wear something twice when I went out. What … More Clothes Matters

Lemon bliss balls

This is a really versatile recipe, you can mix and match all sorts of nuts, seeds, dried fruits and things for bliss balls. You can add in some peanut or almond butter  if you like or replace the oats with ground almonds. The kids love them… they went pretty quick at playgroup! It’s great to … More Lemon bliss balls

Turmeric lattes are the bomb diggity

If you haven’t gotten onto turmeric lattes yet, you are missing out! For one, they taste like being cuddled by the Dalai Lama but (apparently) more importantly, they have a million health benefits! Turmeric contains phytochemicals with medicinal properties. The main group of these are called curcuminoids and the most beneficial of them is curcumin. … More Turmeric lattes are the bomb diggity